1. Introduction

These terms and conditions and the “medical form” comprise the agreement pursuant to which Girls Love Fit (“GLF”), Charlotte Robertson Limited and Alex Taylor Limited provides fitness classes and instruction, nutritional guidance, fitness and nutritional information and advice.

Definition of “member”: Any individual who participates in any classes provided by GLF or Alex Taylor Limited and have signed the requisite medical form and these terms and conditions.

  1. General

Girls Love Fit is the trading name of the proprietor Alex Taylor Limited. All references to ‘GLF’ throughout these terms and conditions refer to Alex Taylor Limited both jointly and severally.
By purchasing any class or course provided by GLF you are agreeing, as a member and without exception, to comply by the terms and conditions herein.
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to being photographed for both marketing and training purposes. From time to time these photographs may be published in either the local or national press, or downloaded and displayed on social networking and media sites including Facebook, Twitter and other similar media.
Should you not wish for any photographic images of you to be used in this way you should express this in writing to GLF.

  1. Class passes

Class passes will only be issued and validated once the Class Pass has been paid for in full.
Class passes are non-transferrable.
All Class Passes expire 6 weeks from the date of issue unless stated otherwise.

  1. Right to exclude

GLF reserve the right to refuse entry to a class to any member who they believe to be unfit to take part, either due to:
• medical illness/condition
• intoxication due to drugs or alcohol, or
• any other reason deemed by a GLF instructor warrant a member unfit to take part
The GLF Instructor’s decision is final and no refund will be given for classes that are not attended for the reasons given in paragraph 3. above.

  1. Venues

GLF prides itself on providing classes on demand for the benefit and convenience of its clients.
Wherever possible classes will be held at a venue pre-arranged at the time of booking the course i.e. at the start of the new term.
It is possible that, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond GLF’s control that a venue will need to be changed part way through a term. Should this happen GLF will advise all members booked on the course of such changes as soon as possible.
In the event that a class has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond GLF’s control, an alternative class will be offered. GLF regrets that no refunds can be given in this instance.

  1. Pricing

Due to the nature of the business regular reviews of our pricing structure are carried out to ensure that we are offering value for money, as well as being able to service the overheads of the business.
Any changes to our prices will be advised to all members whose contact details we hold on our database, prior to any changes being enforced. Members will usually be contacted by Facebook and e-mail. Changes will also be posted to our website www.girlslovefit.co.uk.

  1. Insurance/liability

Members participate in the classes under the strict understanding that it is the member’s responsibility to keep GLF fully informed of any changes in their medical condition including
the introduction/retraction of prescription drugs
undertaking of any surgery, whether medical or cosmetic, and however minor
If there are any changes, members should request a fresh medical form to complete in order to fully update GLF records.

  1. Intellectual property

All members warrant that they shall only use the material, information, instruction and guidance of the GLF authorised Instructors for their own personal purposes and shall not, without prior written consent, copy, make available, transmit, reproduce, sell, disseminate, license, distribute, publish, broadcast or otherwise circulate the products of GLF (or any part of them) to any person other than in accordance with this agreement.
The member shall fully indemnify GLF in respect of any infringement of any intellectual property rights arising as a result of use of their products in breach of this agreement.

  1. Personal possessions

GLF accept no responsibility for members’ personal possessions or property whilst at any of the venues used to provides our services. It is strictly the owner’s responsibility to keep personal possessions safe and secure whilst attending classes. GLF recommend keeping all valuables with you at all times to ensure their safety.

  1. Data protection

The collection and handling of your data is important to Girls Love Fit and we do not use if for any other purpose other than in order to notify you of changes to the GLF timetable and other GLF marketing goodies we think you might like to hear about; keeping track of who attends which classes for our own assessment of how well we are doing; maintaining our accounts and any other internal requirement that our solicitors or accountants come up with! Please note that your details are also passed to our head office in Salisbury for the same purposes as they are the people who run the Girls Love Fit Business. We do not sell your data to any third parties or pass it to anyone else without your consent.

  1. Refund policy

Once payment is made by a member, no money will be refunded by Girls Love Fit. However, a member can change their class up to 24 hours prior to the class taking place as long as the replacement class is of the same or lower price than the class that the member has paid for.