This exclusive training programme has been created by our director and personal trainer of over 12 years, Alex Taylor, to make personal training more accessible!!!

Combining training methods tried and tested in the industry for a training session that will challenge you like never before…
Combining disciplines from Crossfit, HIIT and Pilates for a fantastic workout. Each session is tailored to your fitness level and physical abilities so don’t worry you are in safe hands!

Results are driven with optional weekly measurements for guaranteed results after just 7 days!!

Maximum of 6 people.


You get:

* 1x Small Group training session per week

* private group support 24hrs a day

* plus 1 weekly audio nutrition and lifestyle coaching session for just YOU and YOUR group!

All of this at an AFFORDABLE price, from just £10-£15 per week!

Small group personal training – All the results of personal training at a fraction of the price!

Book a class

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